Corner-Allen unit

Cor·ner-Al·len u·nit

(kōr'nĕr al'ĕn),
a unit of progestational activity, measured in rabbits; the minimum dose that, divided into five equal daily portions, produces on the sixth day the uterine changes characteristic of the eighth day of normal pregnancy; the unit has about the same potency as the international unit.
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Corner-Allen unit

An obsolete semi-quantitative bioassay unit corresponding to the amount of progesterone required to produce characteristic pregnancy-like microscopic changes in the endometria of female rabbits.
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George W., U.S. anatomist, 1889-1981.
Corner-Allen test - a test for progestational activity.
Corner-Allen unit - a unit of progestational activity, measured in rabbits.


Willard Myron, U.S. gynecologist, 1904–.
Allen fetal stethoscope
Allen-Masters syndrome - pelvic pain resulting from old lacerations of the broad ligament during delivery.
Allen uterine forceps
Corner-Allen test - see under Corner, George W
Corner-Allen unit - see under Corner, George W
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