Corner-Allen test

Cor·ner-Al·len test

(kōr'nĕr al'ĕn),
a test for progestational activity; adult female rabbits are mated during estrus and spayed 18 hours later; the test substance is injected subcutaneously on 5 successive days; the minimal amount required to produce complete progestational proliferation of the endometrium is taken as a unit, equivalent to 1.25 mg of progesterone.
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Corner-Allen test

An obsolete bioassay formerly used to standardise progesterone or corpus luteum preparations.

The substance of interest was injected into female rabbits which had their ovaries excised 18 hours after mating, followed by examination of endometrium.
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George W., U.S. anatomist, 1889-1981.
Corner-Allen test - a test for progestational activity.
Corner-Allen unit - a unit of progestational activity, measured in rabbits.


Willard Myron, U.S. gynecologist, 1904–.
Allen fetal stethoscope
Allen-Masters syndrome - pelvic pain resulting from old lacerations of the broad ligament during delivery.
Allen uterine forceps
Corner-Allen test - see under Corner, George W
Corner-Allen unit - see under Corner, George W
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