corneal limbus

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corneoscleral junction

the margin of the cornea overlapped by the sclera.
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limbus, corneal

The transition zone, about 1.5 mm wide, between the conjunctiva and sclera on the one hand, and the cornea on the other. Syn. corneoscleral junction. See corneal epithelium; limbal blanching; Vogt's white limbal girdle.
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The use of a retention ring for riboflavin application and protection of the corneal limbus from riboflavin exposure protected LESCs and corneal epithelial cells against CXL-induced damage.
An injection was given below the corneal limbus at the site planned so as to easily cover the ulcer.
The fascia of the corneal limbus was pulled with surgical lines to maintain the cornea level.
After corneal images were recorded on day 14, all corneas were excised around the corneal limbus and preserved in 4% paraformaldehyde at 4[degrees]C for 24 h.
The eye worm was removed under general anesthesia with surgical site at 5 o' clock on the corneal limbus. Microscopic examination of eye worm revealed Setaria.
Microarray comparison of transcriptomes from laser-microdissected limbal and central corneal basal epithelial cells revealed the identities of about 100 genes that were specifically expressed in the corneal limbus [21].