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Drug slang A regional term for crack cocaine cut with benzocaine
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The challenge of the MCT range was to increase the opportunities for corn snacks by creating new textures and flavours, in a market heavily dependent on potato based snacks and low quality direct extruded corn products.
Strasheim said he needs more space to increase production and warehousing of his sweet and salty corn snacks, which are sold nationwide.
If you are looking for a different kind of corn snack, Glad Corn is the one to try.
Snack-a-Jacks, the crispy rice and corn snack with less than 10 per cent fat, provide the perfect treat for anyone who loves to snack, without worrying about the consequences.
Zoinks, a puffed corn snack, is available in Cheddar and Butter flavors; Soy Munchies, which are miniature soy crisps, are available in White Cheddar, Ranch and Caramel flavors; Crudites, a puffed celery and carrot snack is available in Original and Sour Cream & Onion flavors and Kettle Corn is a keffle-popped popcorn.
Construction has begun to add the equipment needed to produce Doritos 3Ds, a puffed corn snack, in early spring, according company officials.
In a paper to be published in the Journal of Food Science, researchers detail the mix of an extruded corn snack with soy protein that drew favorable taste responses from 400 volunteer tasters.
With the wake being held in a church-owned property not far from the family residence on Hyacinth Street, Bernard, who earned a living selling the corn snack called 'binatog,' had since made himself scarce and would only show up briefly to place flowers on his wife's coffin.
The departed manager booted the corn snack out of Rangers' Murray Park training complex in a crackdown on unhealthy foods.
Cals: 41 Fat: 0.4gOne SNACK A JACK JUMBO RICE AND CORN SNACK, one LAUGHING COW LIGHT CHEESE TRIANGLE and a medium sliced tomato.
SNACK-a-Jacks, the delicious rice and corn snack, is launching two exciting flavours to its already tantalising range.
Walkers Shots are an exciting and revolutionary new corn snack that comes in a new tube packet allowing you to "drink" it one-handed.