Corkscrew Hair

Kinking of individual hairs, a ‘classic’ clinical finding in vitamin C deficiency that may be associated with perifollicular haemorrhage
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From Suzi Quatro's leather jumpsuit to Marc Bolan's corkscrew hair or Bowie and Mick Ronson sharing the microphone during Star Man, those moments still resonate today.
At the time this type of stage attire complete with makeup, platform boots and corkscrew hair was all seen as fairly outrageous.
She was a young slip of a blonde with corkscrew hair,
The 26-year-old is pleasant and well mannered, although slightly aloof, while his skinny jeans, pale complexion and corkscrew hair mean he could quite easily be cast as a young Bob Dylan.
Perifollicular hemorrhagic lesions and corkscrew hair are virtually pathognomonic for scurvy.
In her black coat, with corkscrew hair flying in the breeze, all she needs is a pointy hat and her impersonation of the Wicked Witch of the West would be complete.
T-Rextasy front man Danielz is faithful to the Bolan look, complete with corkscrew hair, a pink fur bolero and green flares.
For our latest visit, we were joined by Claire With The Corkscrew Hair who, like the missus, was on the Guinness.
Kalief showed me a photo of Merry, a forlorn teen with a cherub face and corkscrew hair.
He answers the phone "yo" and, when he bounds around the studio, his manic, Marc Bolan corkscrew hair bounces in every direction.
He has the swagger and mannerisms o- to a T and of course the corkscrew hair, which seems to expand along with his fame and fortune.