Corkscrew Form

A descriptor for the typical appearance of Campylobacter and Helicobacter species. Spirochetes—e.g., Treponema pallidum—also have a corkscrew appearance, but are longer and thus often described as having a helical morphology
References in classic literature ?
Upon my conscience, though I have no wife, if you had treated her so, I would have cut your throat.
Then no more of Felton; she would have cut your throat, and after that everybody else's.
Now,' says he, `I'll barber you up, but if you say one word to me about the Grits getting in while I'm doing it I'll cut your throat with this razor,' says he.
Their politeness is excessive; they never drink their spirits without expecting you to taste it; but whilst making their exceedingly graceful bow, they seem quite as ready, if occasion offered, to cut your throat.