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Relating to variations in structure in the eye, particularly the cornea.
[G. tektonikos, relating to building]
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Tectonic's automated operations, Red Hat CoreOS and more
Red Hat's acquisition of CoreOS will further its vision of enabling customers to build any application and deploy them in any environment with the flexibility afforded by open source.
CoreOS is the creator of CoreOS Tectonic, an enterprise- ready Kubernetes platform that provides automated operations, enables portability across private and public cloud providers, and is based on open source software.
CoreOS and Intel will integrate Kubernetes and OpenStack into a single open source software-defined infrastructure (SDI) stack.
Red Hat is acquiring CoreOS, bringing on board technology to help customers build, run and manage containerised applications in hybrid and multicolour environments.
Cyclonic vertical vorticity continues to be absorbed into the tornado as vorticity is extruded from likesigned vortices and vorticity patches moving into it (e.g., Coreos and Sherman 1984; McWilliams 1984; Lee and Wilhelmson 1997).
With data centre locations in Geneva and near Zurich, Exoscale offers VMs running Ubuntu, Windows, CoreOS, OpenBSD and other operating systems.
CoreOS said it has announced an official Tectonic AWS integration, making it easy for companies to run Kubernetes on AWS.
Originally built to complement the release of CoreOS, it has allowed for quicker progress on all future distributions.
19 October 2016 - US-based enterprise Kubernetes company CoreOS has acquired containerised environment management specialist Redspread, the company said.