Cordyceps sinensis

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A caterpillar fungus that is antitussive, expectorant, stimulant, and tonic; it is said to strengthen the immune system, improve renal function in patients with lupus erythematosus, and retard ageing; it is also used for anaemia, fatigue, immune deficiencies, impotence, low back pain, night sweats, and for recuperation from surgery or chronic disease

Cordyceps sinensis (kōrˑ·di·seps si·nenˑ·sis),

n part used: fruiting bodies; uses: asthma, chronic bronchitis, antiaging, weakness, lung and kidney functioning; precautions: none known.
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Medicinal mushrooms like shitake, miitake, and reishi are known for their healing powers, but others like cordyceps sinensis lead the way for energy.
Cordyceps sinensis is commonly used in China for the treatment of fatigue, night sweating, hyposexualities, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, renal disease, heart disease and liver disease.
In 1993, the Chinese women's track warn broke nine world records thanks to Cordyceps sinensis (see illustration).
Among major business deals concluded at the G-BOC was one to establish a company in Tibet to process and market the precious Chinese medicinal herb cordyceps sinensis, a plant of the ergot family believed to boost liver functions and the immune system.
Traditionally, extracts and potions made with cordyceps sinensis, a plant of ergot family of fungi, have been used for heart, kidney, and liver treatments, as well by cancer patients and for treatment of sexual and blood disorders.
ImmuneRich is the collective engine that fuels your immune system with such ingredients as seven medicinal mushroom extracts; Cordyceps sinensis, Tremella fuciformis, Ganodderma lucidum(Reishi), Lentinus Edodes (Shiitake), Grifola frondosa (Maitake), Coriolus Versicolor (Kawaratake), and Agaricus blazei murill, which have all had extensive research showing high potency immune enhancement because they are rich in polysaccharide compounds, especially beta glucans, that work by activating the macrophages, or immune cells, which trap and engulf foreign substances.
To evaluate the capacity of Cordyceps sinensis to protect against loss of libido, scientists enlisted 189 men and women with decreased sex drive for a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study.