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Of the heart.
[gen. of L. cor, heart]
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Cordis is committed to bringing new technologies, like EluNIR, to the market to provide even more treatment options for clinicians and their patients affected by coronary artery disease.
The exact reason as to why ectopia cordis occurs is not clear, but according to (https://www.
Settling down in my room at Cordis, I marveled at the soft cotton sheets, the menu of pillows that included lavender-infused ones to promote restful sleep, and the marble bathroom with glass-on-steel fittings.
While Cordis is known for developing product innovations, partnerships like this provide an opportunity to rapidly expand our unmatched portfolio and deliver increased value to customers and the patients they serve.
All impacts were timed to the vulnerable window for VF induction in commotio cordis (10 to 40 msec prior to the peak of the T-wave) [3].
Cordis is in the development and manufacture of interventional vascular technology, partnering with experts worldwide to treat patients who suffer from vascular disease.
Each Cordis hotel will be individual in style, architecture and design, all of which will be reflective of its location and culture, and tailored to the requirements of our guests, from corporate travellers to honeymooners to multi-generational families.
Ectopia cordis has been known for 5 000 years, but its etiology and pathogenesis has not been elucidated yet (2, 6-8).
The acquisition of Cordis reinforces our strategic position to address this need and strengthens an important growth driver in the Cardinal Health portfolio.
Cordis is a leading global manufacturer of cardiology and endovascular devices.
SABER Catheter is the third new product launch from Cordis in the PAD space in the past 12 months, expanding our existing high-performance lower extremity portfolio, including the S.
The companies will face each other in court next month for a hearing on damages after an appeals court last year said Boston Scientific infringed two patents owned by J&J's Cordis, while Cordis violated a patent owned by Boston Scientific.