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It appears that the origin of symbiosis corresponds to the rise of coral reefs in general.
What the West PH Sea badly needs is the ecological restoration of its heavily degraded coral reefs, not the further conversion of its reefs into Chinese maritime bases,' he said.
1) Watch a video to introduce students to coral reefs and the life cycle of corals.
Global warming exacerbated by the latest El Nino is to blame, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists reported June 20 at the International Coral Reef Symposium in Honolulu.
The bioeroders can affect the health of coral reefs in another way--not just by drowning them, but also by flattening them.
Back in 1998, such an event could have been perilous for the coral reefs almost irrevocably.
Co-author of the research paper, Prof Nick Polunin from the School of Marine Science and Technology at Newcastle University, said: "In spite of coral reefs being home to thousands of species of fish and providing millions of people with food and income, until now we have had only a hazy overview of the state of coral reef ecosystems.
According to the team, the robots can "autonomously map" or survey coral reefs.
The coral reefs also help protect landforms and coastlines, not to mention they provide fun vacation activities.
Healthy coral reefs support commercial and subsistence fisheries as well as jobs and businesses through tourism and recreation.
Recent research, including that done by the IAEA, shows that ocean acidification effects on fisheries, aquaculture and coral reefs are expanding, both in terms of geographical location and intensity.
This marks the beginning of a new era, a time when not only Mote scientists, but international and national visiting scientists, can come to this building and continue to revolutionize the way we restore coral reefs, here and around the world, in our lifetime," said Dr.

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