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A fifteen-page index pinpoints basic needs, including clarification of cyberbullying, schizophrenia, opiods, and copycat suicide.
Matsumoto's death triggered a number of copycat suicide attempts, prompting the band's remaining four former members to appeal for calm.
BRAZIL will have fighter planes in the skies above World Cup venues to thwart devastating 9/11 copycat suicide attacks.
The grieving parents of a schoolgirl, found hanging at home, yesterday dismissed suggestions she took her life in a copycat suicide.
Best friend David, 19, of Pyle, also hanged himself in an apparent copycat suicide six weeks after Dale's body was discovered.
This tragic incident involving my daughter is not, as has been suggested, a copycat suicide of the recent tragic death of Kirsty Botto.
The best friend of a teenager found hanged has died in an apparent copycat suicide just yards from a police station.
He was a huge fan and the way he took his life was a copycat suicide, though he didn't leave a note, so we'll never know why he did it.
A SCHOOLGIRL has been found hanged in an apparent copycat suicide after her cousin took her own life the same way.
Yesterday morning, the alarm was raised again when a woman, 30, attempted a copycat suicide.