Copycat Crime

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Any crime inspired by, and committed in the wake of, another crime—e.g., massacre, suicide, bombing, suicide bombing
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SUSPECTS Channel 5, 10pm The detectives reopen an eight-year-old investigation into a fatal stabbing, after a recently released criminal involved in the original attack is left for dead in a copycat crime.
In this copycat crime, a man took a gun into a restaurant with the intent to kill his ex-girlfriend.
MURDERED toddler James Bulger's father said yesterday he fears his son's killer will seek the "ultimate thrill" of a copycat crime.
Violent comic books were found in the flat, and police are looking into the possibility that the murder may have been a copycat crime from one of the comics.
The attack bore similarities to a school shooting last week in Bailey, Colorado, and authorities there raised the possibility that the Pennsylvania attack was a copycat crime.
One might explain the link between serial murder and copycat crime in the context of a resurgent Cold War that cinematically consolidated binary patterns of opposition and momentarily reestablished the eschatological tandem of two great matched powers, one good, one evil, each declaring the other an atavism, an artifact of history doomed to be subsumed.
Nire takes as an example Miyuki Miyabe's best-selling ''Moho han'' (The Copycat Crime).
A very important step in the spread of this copycat crime virus occurred in Stamps, Arkansas, 15 days after Pearl and just a little over 90 days before Jonesboro.
After carrying out his copycat crime, he put a gun in his mouth, but minutes later, he laid down his weapons and began to cry.
The number is uncertain because the police believe that one of the shootings may have been a copycat crime.
Allardyce blaming anyone for killing football is ironic because he's committed the copycat crime.
"It's proving to be a problem it's difficult to know if it's a copycat crime or just a phase doing the rounds.