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Journalism The correction of various errors on a final copy or ‘proof’; copy-editing is the responsibility of a work’s publisher and addresses grammatical, semantic, syntactic, and typographic errors; errors of content are the responsibility of the work’s author(s)
Molecular biology See Proof-reading
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Through this program, The New York Times Company will make two trainee copy-editing positions available at two of its regional newspapers in Florida -- the Sarasota Herald-Tribune and the Lakeland Ledger.
With publishing systems based on Adobe InCopy and InDesign, DTI has been able to give customers database assets and a stunning array of creative and copy-editing tools in a single, integrated system that saves hours each day in overall production workflow.
NEWS ITEM: The Miami Herald is outsourcing copy-editing of a weekly community news section and some advertising production work to India.
com Copy-editing & distribution: PR&D - Public Relations for Research & Education Campus Vienna Biocenter 2 1030 Vienna Austria T +43-1-505-70-44 E contact@prd.
Unfortunately, there are lapses in copy-editing throughout the book, which is distracting.
Unfortunately for everyone, this book is marred by lapses in syntax, word-use, and copy-editing frequent enough to be alarming in a book published by a university press.
Value-added extras include sample form contracts, a list of typesetting specifications, copy-editing and proofreading marks, sample page layouts, a 27-page model stylebook, and 10 newly updated pages of resources for newsletter editors.
She will be responsible for copy-editing and organizing the editorial components of each monthly issue and publication supplements.
Except for a few copy-editing lapses - "goal" for the deliberately archaic "gaol," for example - this short book is a competent if for the most part unexceptional example of traditional literary criticism.
In a newly expanded role, his responsibilities will include the management, staffing and training of the news desk as well as ensuring the smooth operations of the night side copy-editing in general.
The writer/s will be responsible for researching, writing, fact checking, copy-editing and incorporating feedback from the BCtA and the company the case is being written for.
Gannett's national daily, USA Today, and the copy-editing and production hub in Charlotte, N.