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Journalism The correction of various errors on a final copy or ‘proof’; copy-editing is the responsibility of a work’s publisher and addresses grammatical, semantic, syntactic, and typographic errors; errors of content are the responsibility of the work’s author(s)
Molecular biology See Proof-reading
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Another assumption, or accusation, about copy-editing is that it's a pedantic, fuddy-duddy process that's ultimately futile.
Contract awarded for Conduct Research and to prepare a detailed report on 12 hawker centres, copy-writing and copy-editing which will then be copy-edited for the following applications: Heritage Markers for each of the hawker centres, a Food Trail, and an associated Trail Map.
The move is just the latest among Gannett titles, who are following a program known internally as the "Picasso Project," which generally eliminates copy-editing and assignment roles and moves those slots in to reporting and writing jobs.
I particularly wish to thank Lesley O'Brien for her scholarly approach to copy-editing, as well for the many other tasks she undertakes in shepherding the journal into print, and Toby Burrows for his attention both to the Reviews and to the presence of the journal in the digital environment.
Wall Street Journal Managing Editor Robert Thomson today announced a plan to reorganize The Journal's copy-editing system, in the process eliminating roughly 50 jobs in South Brunswick at the Copy Desk and in Pagination.
Each location features a guest speaker--all nationally known copy-editing authorities.
This volume is one of several examples I have recently read where the press has apparently not invested in copy-editing and left proof-reading to the author.
His own style is clumsy, at times ungrammatical, and would have been improved by copy-editing.
Contract awarded for Copy-Editing And Copy-Writing Services For SPOR 2015/2016 Publication
My thanks are also due to the anonymous peer reviewers whose comments have been incisive and helpful, to Lesley O'Brien for her meticulous copy-editing, and to our reviews editors, Toby Burrows and, again, Lesley O'Brien, who have created a reviews section that brings a wealth of up-to-date research to our readers.
On Wednesday, MediaNews Group's Salt Lake Tribune said it would adopt a process where assigning editors and reporters themselves would be more responsible for copy-editing functions and that nine staffers would be cut.