Copy Cat

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A calico cat cloned by scientists at Texas A&M in 2001. Commercial pet cloning has been tried, but is not yet a proven business model
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The group's most recent results showed that copy cat versions of blockbuster drugs such as ulcer and heartburn pill Prilosec knocked pounds 746m off sales in the first half of this year alone.
Chief executive Sir Tom McKillop said copy cat versions of its ulcer and heartburn treatment Prilosec,breast cancer drug Nolvadex and heart drug Zestril had knocked 1.
Farnsworth Ferret's Fun Pack consists of five games: Kid Match, Kid Scramble, Copy Cat, Math Invaders and Kid Paint.
Her look spawned dozens of high street copy cats -who wouldn''t want to look like Miss H-W?
Her look spawned dozens of high street copy cats - unsurprising, who wouldn't want to look like Miss H-W?
On the other hand, you might ask, "What have the copy cats contributed to this world?
Clothing, Alex Garfield/Garfield & Marks, Copy Cats Industries, I.