Copy Cat

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A calico cat cloned by scientists at Texas A&M in 2001. Commercial pet cloning has been tried, but is not yet a proven business model
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He enjoyed the odd aperitif in the Copy Cat until one night he was caught short of funds.
GLASGOW'S Copy Cat bar, the legendary haunt of Daily Record staff and official supplier of creative juices to this very column, has used up its ninth life.
Europe's number two pharmaceuticals group shrugged off the effects of copy cat versions of its drugs -which have already knocked an estimated 1.
IT'S not difficult to work out why five decided to foist Chris Eubank (pictured)and his brood on us (At Home With The Eubanks, five, Tuesday) The Osbournes was bound to lead to copy cat shows,because it has been such a hit.
Highly Commended: # Billy Bridge's, Ayr# The Doublet, Glasgow # Johnny Foxes, Inverness # Le Signal, Courchevel, France # The Lismore, Glasgow # The Suie, Kincraig Licensed Trade Lifetime Achievement Award Anna Houston Sentimental award this one - Anna is mine hostess at the Copy Cat in Glasgow, also known to Daily Record and Sunday Mail boozers as The Gang Hut.
We've already seen cricket clubs,TV presenters and ski chalet girls raring to bare and there are bound to be many more copy cat nudists as the Christmas calendar season approaches.