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Precipitation of unbound antigen along with an antigen-antibody complex; may occur particularly when a soluble complex is precipitated by a second antibody specific for the Fc fragment of the immunoglobulin of the complex.
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2] coprecipitation and solubilization, most samples (Table 1) were loaded onto preconditioned TRU cartridges (10 mL, 4 M HCl; Eichrom) to adhere Po, U, and Th (Horwitz et al.
After the coprecipitation was completed, the precipitate slurry was filtrated and washed with anhydrous ethanol until pH~7 and dried for 10h at 100[degrees]C.
The scientists formed cyclodextrin inclusion complexes of alpha-tocopherol and quercetin using a coprecipitation technique.
A preconcentration method for chromium has been studied based on the coprecipitation of its ethylxanthate complex onto naphthalene (Gopikrishna et al.
This complex sediment mixture allows a wide range of mechanisms of metal-sediment interactions, such as incorporation into crystal lattices of clays, adsorption or ion-exchange in Fe-Mn oxyhydroxides and humic substances, coprecipitation with Fe-Mn oxyhydroxides and carbonates, and organometallic bonding with humic substances (Tessier 1992).
For example, in coprecipitation concentration factors can reach 5000-40 000, and a number of metal hydroxides have been widely used and applied to the preconcentration of trace metal ions from different media [1, 4-8].
Phosphate sorption can occur through either solid phase adsorption and complexation reactions, or precipitation and coprecipitation reactions.
Coprecipitation of gossypol and PVP prevented sperm motility when applied vaginally.
The Effect of Precipitator Types on the Synthesis of La2Zr2O7 Powders by Chemical Coprecipitation Method
Transformation of human bronchial epithelial cells by infection with SV40 or adenovirus-12 SV40 hybrid virus, or transfection via strontium phosphate coprecipitation with a plasmid containing SV40 early region genes.
However, due to insufficient sensitivity and matrix effects, direct determination of metal ions at low levels in environmental samples by FAAS is limited [11-13], Therefore, separation and preconcentration techniques such as precipitation and coprecipitation, cloud point extraction, ion-exchange, dispersive liquid-liquid micro-extraction, and solid-phase extraction (SPE) are needed to determine metal ions [14].