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Louis de, French physicist, 1841-1911. See: Coppet law.
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La coherence des societes: melanges en hommage a Daniel de Coppet. Paris: Editions de la Maison des Sciences de 1'Homme.
In his account of his 1857 journey through Switzerland he mentions visiting "Coppet, where Madame De Stael, or her father, or both, were either born, or resided, or died, I know not--and care very little" (14:554).
(5.) For more on how Hemans's early poetry became implicated in what Sweet calls a "culture of disestablishment," an outgrowth of Whig Opposition, see Nanora Sweet, " 'Lorenzo's Liverpool and 'Corinne's' Coppet: The Italianate Salon and Romantic Education," in Lessons of Romanticism: A Critical Companion, eds.
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(6) The famous Coppet group, named after the chateau Stael's family owned near Geneva, gave birth to innovative political and literary thought.
(55.) Thibault R, Blachier F, Darcy-Vrillon B, de Coppet P, Bourreille A, Segain JP.
Indeed, the Coppet group with which she was associated seems to have drawn up a cultural paradigm or template for nationalist independence which created an imagined community of future Italian patriots.
Four years later, Marcel de Coppet was named Governor-General of the AOF.
Next stop was popular Saundersfoot and nearby Coppet Hall, where we managed to bag a couple of crabs in the rock pools.