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Louis de, French physicist, 1841-1911. See: Coppet law.
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She spent much of her life in exile, at Coppet, in Switzerland.
Some authors are able to refer to Clausewitz's visits to their country, for example, Belgium and Switzerland, with the latter claiming that Madame de Stael and August von Schlegel re-invigorated his nationalism and romanticism during his rather comfortable time as a prisoner in Castle Coppet on Lake Geneva during the French occupation.
The agreement announced today with Eutelsat equipsus to accelerate access to the benefits of digital for the individuals and small businesses in the French West Indies and French Guiana who are still struggling with dial-up," said Maryse Coppet of CaribSat.
Thibault R, Blachier F, Darcy-Vrillon B, de Coppet P, Bourreille A, Segain JP.
Next stop was popular Saundersfoot and nearby Coppet Hall, where we managed to bag a couple of crabs in the rock pools.
He evokes France's civilising mission and admires the sense of responsibility and the dedication of some Administrators, Mr de Coppet for instance.
The Finn will move to Coppet to make the most of financial allowances under the Swiss tax system, lawyer Dominique Warluzel told the Swiss news agency ATS.
Anthropologists were invited to present ethnographic studies from the Pacific that relate in some manner to the influential theories of French anthropologist Daniel de Coppet (1933-2002) on relationships between death, exchange, sacrifice, the ancestors, and concepts of society and person.
Andrew Lynch arrived home yesterday following the Irish jump jockeys' successful - if equine flu-shortened - series in Australia, and made a winning return when taking the 3m maiden hurdle on the Michael O'Brien-trained Coppet.
Survivors include a son, Edwin of Eugene; four daughters, Janis Carter of Gresham, Margaret Ashworth of Coppet, Switzerland, Carol Ann Murillo of Vallejo, Calif.
In fact, while staying at Coppet, in the course of a journey through Italy in 1805, Pedro became de Stael's lover; her novel Corinne ou l'Italie, published in 1807, seems to have been inspired by their romance.
Petrarch was writing in Avignon and Madame de Stael wrote Corinne in Coppet, near Geneva; both think of Italy from afar as 'il bel paese', as an Edenic, promised land, protected by natural barriers: the Alps and the embracing sea.