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Construction of the Stage 2 SXEW plant commenced in January 2013 and is on schedule for first production of copper cathode in Q2 2014.
Copper cathode produced by SML in 2012 increased by 70.
As the number two copper cathode manufacturer in China, Jinlong is the first copper enterprise in China to be listed in the Stock Exchange, with 2005 sales of RMB6.
In the first half of 2014, own copper cathode equivalent production of 139.
In addition to the HMS operation, Tiger's Stage 2 solvent-extraction electro-winning (SXEW) plant at Kipoi is on schedule to commence production of copper cathode in Q2 2014.
10% of the copper concentrates used by Daye Metal Group for its copper cathode production in those periods, respectively.
Copper industries as the upstream sector of cable industry, include copper ore industry, concentrate copper industry, copper cathode industry, copper rod industry and copper wire industry.
First Quantum produces LME grade "A" copper cathode, copper in concentrate, gold and sulphuric acid.
1 kt on a copper cathode equivalent basis, and are included in the "own copper cathode equivalent production" shown above.
The SXEW project at Kipoi is proceeding ahead of schedule, with first copper cathode production on target for the second quarter of 2014.
From June 2007 the plant will be producing circa 1,600 tonnes of copper cathode per month.
ANODE--A 99 percent pure form of copper that is typically sent through an electro-refining process for further purification, ultimately emerging as copper cathode.