Copper Line

A rarely seen blue-black gingival line caused by copper poisoning due to inhaled copper salt dusts
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Under the SuperFTTB solution, the system supports a maximum of 8-pair SuperVector or VDSL2 vectoring copper line bonding.
Carriers benefit by super-charging their existing one billion copper line infrastructure, while satisfying consumers' needs for ever-increasing bandwidth applications.
Up to 600 phone lines served by the copper line in the Mohawk Valley area remained out of service longer because "the copper line is much trickier to fix," he said.
PMC-Sierra, Inc (Nasdaq:PMCS) has introduced the PM4329 HDLIU 32, the industry's highest density and lowest cost copper line interface unit (LIU) solution for medium- and short-haul operations.
The newly released multi-port NG-Fast prototype further increases copper line utilization, helping operators to better reuse existing copper lines and strengthening their confidence towards UBB network construction.
The results of the trial demonstrated an aggregate bandwidth (upstream and downstream) of 900Mb/s on short copper loops, and speeds of 500Mb/s downstream and 250Mb/s upstream on an existing copper line at a distance of 150m.
Every month, Spark logs around 30,000 requests with Chorus for customers who report faults on their broadband or landline services that rely on a Chorus copper line connection and these volumes increase over the wet winter months.