Copper Line

A rarely seen blue-black gingival line caused by copper poisoning due to inhaled copper salt dusts
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This transforms the copper line into an information superhighway without the expense on one.
The Fx 100100 is the first programmable silicon solution to provide speeds of up to 100 Mbps in both upstream and downstream directions over a single copper line.
Carriers deploying the Ikanos-based Netopia solutions can offer their subscribers a high-bandwidth solution to deliver high quality triple-play services -- voice, video and data over a single copper line.
90 Internet access to business and residential subscribers (regardless of distance from the central office), while mechanized loop testing technology provides remote diagnosis of copper line issues.
For technology nodes of 45nm and below we see a move from Copper process monitoring on solid measurement pads to a comprehensive control scheme where the Copper line trench is measured after Etch and the Copper line thickness is measured on 2D and 3D test targets after CMP.
I was soldering a half-inch copper line,'' said Zamora, who had worked for a Sylmar plumbing company for two weeks.
AccessLinX also features a regular POTS port for an optional Life Line service that automatically routes all voice traffic and E911 calls to a legacy copper line in case of power failure to the unit.
Demand for Internet services, need for improved copper line conditions, need to extend reach of copper lines, and increases in network traffic are major market driving forces.
PMC-Sierra, Inc (Nasdaq:PMCS) has introduced the PM4329 HDLIU 32, the industry's highest density and lowest cost copper line interface unit (LIU) solution for medium- and short-haul operations.
If the service is not on a copper line and the company doesn't provide a battery backup without charging more, try negotiating one as a condition of retaining or accepting service.
Carriers benefit by super-charging their existing one billion copper line infrastructure, while satisfying consumers' needs for ever-increasing bandwidth applications.
We knew we wanted to use IP and Gigabit Ethernet to connect our remote terminals, and we also needed to add copper lines," said Dan Key, facilities manager for Bloomingdale.