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The oleoresin of Copaifera officinalis and other species of Copaifera (family Leguminosae), a South American plant; copaiba oil is used as an expectorant, diuretic, and stimulant.
Synonym(s): balsam of copaiba
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Group B was used as a positive control without treatment, while mice of groups C, D and E received treatment with copaiba oil in doses 0.
Study showed that animals infected with Leishmania amazonensis and treated orally with the copaiba oil showed a significant reduction in the size of lesions (21).
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The copaiba oil used in the study was obtained from the company Beraca Ltda, located in Ananindeua, in the state of Para, Brazil.
duckei Dwyer oleoresin used in the production of copaiba oil vaginal cream (Fig.
In 1972, the Food and Drug Administration approved the Copaiba oil (FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION, 1972), after being subjected to tests for sensitization and irritation, using 25 volunteers, obtaining negative results for both (KLIGMAN, 1966).
The copaiba oil has many different substances that could act in different cell targets, acting synergistically in various structures and mechanisms of bacterial cell, resulting in a way to prevent or hinder the emergence of resistant bacteria (MENDONCA & ONOFRE, 2009; PACHECO et al.
The Copaiba oil is indiscriminately used by population in different ways of administration, but it is only known very little about its affects on the salivary glands when it is used orally.
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