Black Talon Bullet

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A line of ammunition produced by Winchester in the 1990s for the most common calibers of guns, and primarily for law enforcement and self-defense, which exhibited extreme expansion when impacting soft targets (flesh)
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The prohibitionists know cops and law-abiding armed citizens are natural allies, which is why they've worked so hard over the decades to drive a wedge between the two with BS issues such as "cop-killer bullets." They are acutely aware the NRA has trained countless police instructors, and they, the elitist gunbanners, have done absolutely mbk.
The 1986 law, known as the Law Enforcement Officer Protection Act, or LEOPA, was passed as a result of media hype over so-called "Cop-Killer Bullets," (which, like M855, had never killed a cop).
The bill would, in one swoop, negate all the gun laws the district has adopted over the past 30 years, including pre-purchase criminal-background checks and bans on semi-automatic weapons and cop-killer bullets."
Even if every other guarantee of our individual liberty were to fail, if every right in the Bill of Rights were abrogated except the right supposedly embedded in the Second Amendment, then citizens and their assault rifles, cop-killer bullets and speed-loading magazines would form the last-gap defense against a monstrous federal government and its military?
"Well-regulated" doesn't include Teflon-coated cop-killer bullets.
The bullets' media-friendly inventor hyped Rhino-Ammo to anyone who would listen, claiming it could bypass federal regulations banning "cop-killer bullets" because it was made of carbon-based plastic polymers instead of metal.
No one would think of describing the NRA's opposition to banning cop-killer bullets or assault weapons as Second Amendment pc.
And they are having as much trouble trying to come up with a sensible definition as they have had with the Saturday Night Special, "plastic guns", "cop-killer bullets" and other attempts to substitute catchy names for sensible consideration of the problem and the solutions.
Few suicides, accidental killings, or acquaintance murders are the result of cop-killer bullets or machine guns.
A common sense law to ban Cop-Killer bullets, to try to keep handguns out of the wrong hands is the least we can do .
Over the years the hoplophobes and control freaks have launched fear campaign after fear campaign revolving around invented terms like "Saturday Night Special" (a racially motivated description of guns poor people can afford), "Cop-Killer Bullets" (Which even today have never been used to kill a cop by piercing body armor), and "Assault Weapons" (which are Simply semi-auto firearms that share cosmetic features with military guns).
"I think closing the gun show loophole, the banning of cop-killer bullets and I also think that making the assault weapons ban permanent, would be something that would be permitted under Heller," Holder said, referring to the Supreme Court case Washington, D.C.