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1. Any of the scales or magnitudes that serve to define the position of a point.
2. To perform the act of coordination.
[see coordination]
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Parenting coordinators shall not engage in any form of harassment or exploitation of parents, children, students, trainees, supervisees, employees, or colleagues.
Many attorneys who have used this new tool of the parenting coordinator will agree that major legal battles, ultimately harmful to the children, have been averted due to the efforts of the parenting coordinators.
All of the local partnership coordinators discussed the problem of the time it took them to do a good job placing students in high-quality, work-based learning situations and to train business partners.
EZ Coordinator now enters the next stage with a mobile friendly interface, expanded reporting modules, a commissions module, and more sophisticated CRM functionality.
Coordinators evaluate the success of their program by analyzing information ranging from recycling rates to financial stability.
But judging by the way she's quickly become a member of the Migrant Health family--joining the other coordinators for a presentation on specialty care at the National Farmworker Health conference, and participating in the multi-agency effort to develop Migrant Health funding proposals for the High Poverty County New Access Point initiative--she's got an appetite for the challenge.
An alumnus, Angelo Gasca, was entering his third year as head coach after several years as an offensive coordinator.
Make first contact with your local family readiness coordinator (see "Military Contacts" sidebar on page 51), who can introduce you, if necessary, to the state family program administrator.
The admissions coordinator must facilitate among the differing opinions and help the family reach a mutual agreement on behalf of the client.
When police departments create juvenile interdiction programs, the coordinators must plan for special considerations.
In addition, a luncheon was held to close the IRI forum, at which time the university coordinators, chairpersons, and prime study group members were honored for their efforts in the development of IRI publications.
Coordinators of care will seek evidence of a provider's ability to effectively manage this continuum of care.

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