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Astley Paston, English anatomist and surgeon, 1768-1841. See: Cooper fascia, Cooper hernia, Cooper herniotome, Cooper ligaments, suspensory ligaments of Cooper.
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Speaking about signing up his namesake, David Cooper, of Cooper's Coffee said: "I've never met anyone with my name before and it's even more of an amazing coincidence that we both work in the coffee sector.
Q: Which Australian city does Coopers Aee come from?
Cooper continued, "The sale price you state is correct, but you understated Kennedy's revenue by a lot, which in turn inflated the price-to-revenue ratio."
Costing pounds 26,000, the road-legal race car, which includes a raft of John Cooper Motorsport modifications, will take the Challenge to a new level in terms of performance and prestige.
The Cooper love affair with motor racing started early and in the years before he became involved with the Mini he had established the successful Cooper Car Company with his father Charles.
* Forty-five instances in which the firm's retirement plan owned securities of publicly held companies that were audit clients of either Coopers & Lybrand or Price Waterhouse.
The Afro-American Woman: Struggles and Images (1978), edited by two pioneering black women historians, Sharon Harley and Rosalyn Terborg-Penn, includes the first assessment of Cooper's importance in an essay entitled "Anna J.
In the first court action, Lion Nathan is challenging Coopers for not recognizing a trust it has set up for a Coopers shareholder.
It was a double success for Coopers, for Tom Wilkinson, of Coffee Revolution in Sheffield, came second in the UK championship.
"This is not just a sports facility it's a sports and convention facility, so there are quite a few different operating modes, roof open, roof closed, convention hall, football stadium, concerts, concessions," Cooper said.
A total of 10,212 MINIs (One, Cooper, Cooper S and MINI One D) were sold through MINI Cherished in 2003.
"We did everything we said we'd do," Wayne Cooper told NL/NL, "so now I'm no longer CEO of Kennedy.