Cooperia punctata

Coo·pe·ri·a punc·ta·'ta

species that occurs mainly in cattle, less commonly in sheep, water buffalo, and several wild ruminants; although worldwide in distribution, it is especially widespread in North America and common in Hawaii.
Synonym(s): Cooperia fieldingi
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Com base nos resultados encontrados no presente estudo, pode-se concluir que as quatro populacoes de Haemonchus placei e Cooperia punctata avaliadas sao resistentes a ivermectina, administrada via pour-on, na dose de 500mcg[kg.
Contagem da infeccao helmintica Contagem media de helmintos entre Especies de helmintos Prevalencia ovinos necropsiados Haemonchus contortus (adultos) 100,0% 2947,2 Haemonchus contortus (L4) 7,5% 17,3 Cooperia punctata 30,3% 94,5 Cooperia curticei 56,0% 256,5 Cooperia pectinata 10,6% 13,0 Cooperia spatulata 4,5% 0,3 Trichostrongylus axei 22,7% 26,6 Trichostrongylus colubriformis 90,9% 3048,8 Trichostrongylus logispicuralis 1,5% 0,7 Strongyloides papillosus 19,6% 83,1 Oesophagostomum columbianum 48,4% 36,0 Trichuris ovis 10,6% 0,7 Capillaria bovis 4,5% 0,1 Moniezia Total -- 6524,77 Contagem da infeccao helmintica Amplitude de Distribuicao variacao percentual de da infeccao Especies de helmintos helmintos (%) helmintica Haemonchus contortus (adultos) 45,2 03--16.
3% of the mean parasitic load, respectively, and that Haemonchus placei and Cooperia punctata were the most frequently observed species.