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Astley Paston, English anatomist and surgeon, 1768-1841. See: Cooper fascia, Cooper hernia, Cooper herniotome, Cooper ligaments, suspensory ligaments of Cooper.
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Colin Cooper, Gary Pallister, Jason McAteer and Gary McAllister are some of the fantastic players for the Earl of Durham's team, and will be wearing yellow.
Paul Williams, keeping his place ahead of Gary Breen, was the first to go into the book for a foul on Ricard and in the next few minutes Colin Cooper, Gary McAllister and Deane all followed for silly, but never serious, offences.
We used to do the Boro players - Gary Parkinson, Brian Laws, Colin Cooper, Gary Hamilton, David Hodgson.
The award-winning station boasts Alice Cooper, Gary Moore and Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi among its presenters.