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Astley Paston, English anatomist and surgeon, 1768-1841. See: Cooper fascia, Cooper hernia, Cooper herniotome, Cooper ligaments, suspensory ligaments of Cooper.
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The Tommy Cooper Fun Run at Caerphilly Castle in 2004
I didn't think it was that big of a deal,'' Cooper said.
Acquiring the magazine, Cooper says, "takes us to the next level, to the head of the pack when it comes to agriculture media in Florida.
In any event, the Cooper decision likely will require greater governmental involvement in cleanup projects, to protect the ability to obtain cost recovery from other potentially responsible parties.
Cooper says there's no one recommendation that will eliminate backlogs.
The Coopers said that they need financing for acquisitions and technology development in order to expand Kennedy to a $100 million company.
As for Cooper, he'll continue to write about what interests him no matter how twisted it seems to others.
The Federal Reserve Board announced on October 1, 1999, the issuance of a consent Order against Linda Marant, an institution-affiliated party of the First Western Bank, Cooper City, Florida, a state member bank.
Under the new dispensation, Cooper argues, the image of the temporary migrant laborer was transposed; in its place came a new figure: the proletarianized, urbanized African "industrial man," wife and children in tow, with all the consequences implied by this emerging configuration, including a demand for "family wages.
The court found that the blatant refusal to honor Cooper's asserted rights generated a feeling of helplessness in Cooper that was exacerbated by the hours of "harsh and unrelenting"(22) questioning that followed.
IBE was launched in the City of London's Mansion House in 1986, with the aim of `promulgating the best thinking and practice of businesses and their whole contribution to society', says Cooper.
But Cooper and his colleagues found no insulin in the deposits.