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Denton, 20th-century U.S. cardiothoracic surgeon, noted for inventing many surgical instruments.
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In the Book of the Dun Cow, and in another old book called the Book of Leinster, there is written the great Irish legend called the Tain Bo Chuailgne or the Cattle Raid of Cooley.
The messenger replied that he knew of a much finer bull called Donn Chuailgne, or Brown Bull of Cooley, which belonged to Dawra, the chief of Ulster.
So taking with him nine others, the messenger set out and soon arrived at Cooley.
The Cattle Raid of Cooley is a strange wild tale, yet from it we can learn a great deal about the life of these old, far-away times.
Cooley LLP announced today that Pang Lee has joined the firm as a partner in its global private investment funds group.
Cooley Law School, who had claimed the law school misrepresented the percentage of its graduates who obtain legal employment after graduation.
COOLEY LAW SCHOOL formally marked the opening of its new Tampa Bay campus with a dedication ceremony October 31.
As an intern at Hopkins in 1944, Cooley found cardiovascular surgery a paltry field; he is leaving it a blooming one.
A closer look behind a prominent promotion This Week: Chris Cooley, managing director of the medical device research team for Stephens Inc.
They will be wined and dined each night and treated to an exclusive private tour of the legendary Cooley distillery.
Responding to allegations that he retaliates against pro-union employees, District Attorney Steve Cooley dismissed the claims as the work of "disgruntled individuals who have faced disciplinary matters or are using the legal process to assert their own personal or political agendas.
WORCESTER Carson John Cooley - 2-23-08, Proud parents, Thomas and Kerrie Cooley, currently of Worcester, MA would like to announce the birth of their son Carson John Cooley.