Cookie Cutter

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Referring to a sharply circumscribed, or punched-out appearance with scalloped, vertical margins
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But it is the largetooth cookiecutter shark (Isistius plutodus), which measures up to 42 centimeters (16 inches), that has proportionately larger teeth than any other species.
Richter's achievement, when considered in full, should more than offset the cookiecutter, by-the-yard collector's chic that too often seems his stock-in-trade.
The chain does not follow a cookiecutter approach in configuring the departments, however.
Teams of carpenters, painters, and roofers would come in staggered intervals and do the same task to each house in the subdivision, Painting crews were divided up by the color of paint they were painting on the exact same cookiecutter houses that made up the development.
Because of these variables, the government knew it could not apply a cookiecutter approach to providing logistics support for overseas military operations.
Lee editors and executives alike say there is no cookiecutter formula for the company's Montana papers.
When one company buys another, it invariably grinds out a cookiecutter press release.
"We don't take a cookiecutter approach" to departments or shelf sets, says Winn.
Strip the film of its muchhyped S&M, frontal nudity and tastefully explicit sex scenes and what you have left is a cookiecutter romantic fantasy in which the virginal (at least in the beginning) heroine is swept up from her lonely and loveless quotidian existence by an impossibly handsome and rich white knight in shining armor.
His approach was, at the time, radically at odds with the cookiecutter expectations placed on company dancers.