Cookie Cutter

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Referring to a sharply circumscribed, or punched-out appearance with scalloped, vertical margins
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A towel (washed and ironed) Plastic sheeting Thick household bleach Glass bowl Rubber gloves Cookie cutters in your chosen shape and size Heavy-duty masking tape
Creating and fostering a culture of accountability is crucial to the success of Cookie Cutters. Courtney believes in holding himself, and his team, accountable for the results, good or bad.
If you have an interest in cookie cutters or related items, such as cookie molds or cookie jars, go to for more information about the Cookie Cutter Collectors Club.
On every other cookie, use the small cookie cutter to cut a little heart out of the big heart.
Each recipe offers a full-page facing page photo of the completed item, and each recipe teaches basic tricks of the candy-making trade, from tempering and using dry ice on molds to choosing a special type of chocolate to produce a polished finish, or using a leaf-shaped cookie cutter on jelly to make leaves.
I no longer accept the "cookie cutter" God being the same for everyone.
With a floured cookie cutter, cut ornament shapes from cookie dough (recipe at left).
A cookie cutter is a device used to maintain a consistent pattern of cookies cut from dough.
Copland -- although she said there is no "cookie cutter solution" that will fit all churches.
Using a 4-inch round cookie cutter, cut out 24 discs and transfer to a parchment-lined sheet pan.
We've sifted through this assortment of "cookie cutter" programs and have provided you with the pros and cons of each of them.
There are probably many foundries in which this "cookie cutter" training has been applied without success, dimming management's regard for the value of training.