Conventional Weapon

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A weapon that is in relatively wide use and doesn’t include weapons of mass destruction, such as nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons
Examples Small arms and light weapons, sea and land mines, non-nuclear bombs, shells, rockets, missiles and cluster munitions; acceptable use of all types of conventional weapons in war time is governed by the Geneva Conventions
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But here let us consider recent progressive arms control and disarmament initiatives on conventional weapons that could make use of examples of best practice from the Ottawa Treaty process.
Chinese military planners tend to take the view that launching conventional weapons from nuclear bases might deter any direct response, because the victim of that attack would fear the consequences of retaliating against bases that have nuclear and not just conventional weapons.
In its reply to the UN secretary-general's request for views on the elements of the ATT - seen by Europolitics - the EU is demanding that the treaty cover all conventional weapons and systems, "including small arms and light weapons and munitions".
Ivanov was asked if Russia would reconsider the supply of weapons to India or consider similar supplies to Pakistan to create a conventional weapons balance between Pakistan and India.
When they use conventional weapons they will aim for a specific area of the body to disarm and disable.
By relying on an array of conventional weapons and systems, the nation's strategic posture would use both nuclear and non-nuclear strike weapons, passive and active defenses, and a revitalized infrastructure to react to emerging threats," Crouch said.
signed the new Inter-American Convention on Transparency in Conventional Weapons Acquisition adopted by the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS).
Fifth, bombing even with conventional weapons would have devastating effects.
For in, stance, the B-52 has been carrying 2,000-pound conventional weapons for decades; it can and has carried almost every type of sea mine and has demonstrated the ability to carry precision standoff weapons like the Israeli Have Nap or American SLAM.
Instead, he recognizes that the principal purpose of nuclear weapons is to discourage the other side from using nuclear weapons as well as to damp down potential conflicts that might escalate into conventional and then into nuclear wars, and he justifiably chides the proponents of "flexible response"--gradual escalation from conventional weapons to "tactical" nuclear weapons to larger-scale nuclear exchanges--for not thinking seriously about where flexibility can lead.
6 billion for the safe clearance of landmines and explosive remnants of war as well as for the securing and safe disposal of excess small arms, light weapons, and munitions, in more than 95 countries, making the United States the worlds single largest financial supporter of conventional weapons destruction.

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