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The flower, rhizome, and roots of Convallaria majalis (family Liliaceae), lily of the valley; they contain glycosides with digitalislike action (for example, convallatoxin).
[L. convallis, an enclosed valley]
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convallaria centrin/spasmin proteins to begin to address these questions.
Leather crassifolia Bergenia crassifolia Lily-of-the-valley Convallaria majalis Epimedium or bishop's hat Epimedium macrothum Wintercreeper Euonymus fortunei English ivy Hedera helix Plantain lily Hosta decorata Creeping lily Liriope spicata Moneywort or creeping jenny Lysimachia nummularia Creeping mahonia Mahonia repens Pachysandra or Japanese spurge Pachysandra terminalis Star jasmine Trachelospermum jasminoides Periwinkle or creeping myrtle Vinca minor
Anemone Protoanemonin Aquilegia Columbine Glycosides vulgaris Clematis Clematis Anemonin Convallaria Lily of Cardiac glycosides majalis the Valley saponins Datura Trumpet Flower Tropane alkaloids Delphinium Delphinium Alkaloids Dicentra spp.
Plants that immediately spring to mind include hostas, Crocus tommasinianus, Convallaria majalis (lily-of-the-valley) and two evergreens - Asplenium scolopendrium (hearts tongue fern) and Iris foetidissima.
Using unique hardware and software designed in interdisciplinary collaboration with Experimental Nuclear Physics, Solid State Physics, and Medical Chemistry groups, it had been studied the transfer of Cs-137 from contaminated medical raw materials such as Digitalis grandiflora and Convallaria majalis to medicines.
Catalpa, Celosia orgentea, Celosia plumose Apricot Brandy, Chaenomeley Cleome, Convallaria, Cotinus, Caladium, Cosmos, Chaemycyparis pisifera Tilifera Aurea; Chasmanthium, Dicentra, Dahlia, Echinacea, Eryngium, Euphorbia pulcherrima, Euonymus fortunei Ivory Jade, Forsythia, Fagus, Gomphrena, Gladiolus, Hemerocallis, Helleborus, Hydrangea quercifolia, Hydrangea paniculata Tardiva, Heliotropium, Hosta, Heuchera micrantha 'Palace Purple, Flex opera, Hex aerticellata, Holkwitzia, Lavandula, Leucanthemum, Leucadendron, Larix, Liriope spicata, Magnolia grandiflora, Mertensia, Malus sp.
For Convallaria, Denraria, Lathyrus, and Polygonarum, a single plot was planted at each site.
Sweet-scented lily of the valley, also known as Convallaria majalis, makes a wonderful ground-cover perennial.
Phylogenetic relationships between Vorticella convallaria and other species inferred from small subunit rRNA gene sequences.
The Loup River site has naturalized species such as Rhamnus cathartica, buckthorn; Convallaria majalis, lily-of-the-valley; and Lonicera tatarica, which are common there but not at the Witchey's Island site.