alternative therapy

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alternative therapy

A therapy that is not part of current standard medical practice, which is used instead of conventional treatment.

Alternative therapy

A therapy is generally called alternative when it is used instead of conventional cancer treatments.
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Melbourne, June 10 ( ANI ): Desperate parents and some Christian leaders in Australia are sending their gay children to counselling in an effort to change their sexuality, through controversial therapies that are facing a ban overseas.
Controversial therapies for Developmental disabilities: Fad, fashion, and science in professional practice.
Controversial therapies for developmental disabilities: Fads, fashions, and science in professional practice.
Understanding controversial therapies for children with autism, attention deficit disorder, and other learning disabilities; a guide to complementary and alternative medicine.
Regarding EP's editorial posture in providing point-counter point in discussions of controversial therapies and theories, we still adhere to that position as the inclusion of your letter demonstrates.
99), explaining his decision and the controversial therapies he chose, which has caused a furore.
Schlessinger has called homosexuality "deviant" and I a "biological error" and has advocated controversial therapies that would change homosexuals into heterosexuals.
Carbonell, also of Florida State, reported that brief participation in any of four controversial therapies had yielded enduring psychological benefits for 48 people plagued by life-disrupting aftereffects of rape, childhood sexual abuse, military combat, or other traumatic experiences.

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