organ transplantation

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organ transplantation,

n the replacement of a diseased organ with a healthy organ from a donor with a compatible tissue type. Organs such as a kidney may be donated by living donors or harvested from brain-dead organ donors.
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The military arsenal of Hizbullah has become one of the most controversial issues on the Lebanese political landscape.
Sharif was also asked to avoid touching controversial issues and play his role to steer the country out of political instability, the sources added.
Author Nel Noddings recommends the discussion of highly controversial issues with high school students, including hot questions on war, gender, advertising and religion.
Donald Monan Professor of Theology at Boston College and former President of the Society of Christian Ethics and Catholic Theological Society of America) is an in-depth introductory study of the bio-ethical practice of Christian-Catholic students or practitioners of the biological sciences, and the ethical approaches to employ within the context of such controversial issues.
Historical guides to controversial issues in America
Why not some of the controversial issues which should be cautionary eye-openers for the neophyte?
Brashier addresses controversial issues in an informed, articulate, and thoughtful manner.
Under Tom's leadership America provided a thoughtful forum and resource for many Catholics through its balanced presentation of controversial issues.
panels allow readers to make up their minds about controversial issues.
The number of shares set aside in this pool raises a host of critical and potentially controversial issues that must be dealt with by a going-public company, PwC says.
This is one of the ten pedagogical strategies for teaching controversial issues in college courses recommended by David Pace (2003).
One of the more controversial issues in the field of air pollution concerns public health implications from inhaled ambient particulate matter (PM).

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