controlled vocabulary

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a list of words and terms, sometimes accompanied by definitions or translations.
controlled vocabulary an artificial language for the representation of attributes of entities, e.g., subjects of documents.
standardized vocabulary language (def. 3).

controlled vocabulary

A finite set of values used in a clinical trial that represent the only allowed values for a data item. These values may be codes, text, or numeric.


subjected to control.

controlled breeding
manipulation of mating and conception so as take advantage of seasonal demands for products, most favorable time for fertility or survival of offspring or for the purpose of controlling the size of the population. Includes managemental deferral of breeding, permanent surgical interference with male or female tracts and temporary hormonal suppression of reproductive activity.
controlled environment
buildings in which all food and drinking water are supplied and ambient temperature, humidity, air movement and light provision are controlled.
controlled experiment
one in which the experimental group which is to be subjected to a treatment or change in management is matched with a group which is very similar in every way except with respect to the variable that is to be manipulated.
controlled release glass bolus
see soluble glass.
controlled vocabulary
a database in which the names of diagnoses or medicines, etc. are limited to avoid a continual expansion of the titles, making comparisons between groups difficult.
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It also supports annotation by controlled vocabularies and links to related results.
At the Hot Spot session, Rich Kobel, Vice President, Business Development for Scope e-Knowledge Center, will offer insights on the topic of “The role of descriptive metadata & controlled vocabularies in improving semantic linkages.
Bringing together this information enhances relevance and increases discoverability of content, whether a user searches with natural-language queries or database-specific controlled vocabularies.
The vocabulary lists and memorized materials of the early 20th century were replaced by Dick and Jane, with their controlled vocabularies, in the 1930s.
In addition, automated query expansion ensures that users don't miss relevant content even when they may not know all the right keywords or appropriate controlled vocabularies to use in a search.
Finally, the book addresses the use of tags and folksonomies in library catalogs and other controlled vocabularies.
Mantel, Seven Controlled Vocabularies and Obituary 2004, The Joy of
This plain-language guide to building information taxonomies, controlled vocabularies, and thesauri is for "accidental" taxonomists who come to taxonomy from various fields such as librarianship, publishing, and information management.
This text for a core course in pharmacy informatics begins with an introduction to information and biomedical technologies, then reviews computer and informatics basics, controlled vocabularies, and literature and the web.
In contrast to professionally developed controlled vocabularies (also called taxonomies), folksonomies are unsystematic and, from an information scientist's point of view, unsophisticated; however, for Internet users, they dramatically lower content categorization costs because there is no complicated, hierarchically organized nomenclature to learn.
Harper and Tillett (2007) emphasize the potential contributions of controlled vocabularies (and authority control in general) to the Semantic Web.
Content mapped to controlled vocabularies allows you to deliver your message, your way, when it's needed most, More and more people are turning to the Internet for health information, StayWell can help you reach them by giving you the tools you need to enhance existing online programs and build new ones.

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