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1. Supervised, overseen, or closely monitored.
2. Effectively treated.


subjected to control.

controlled breeding
manipulation of mating and conception so as take advantage of seasonal demands for products, most favorable time for fertility or survival of offspring or for the purpose of controlling the size of the population. Includes managemental deferral of breeding, permanent surgical interference with male or female tracts and temporary hormonal suppression of reproductive activity.
controlled environment
buildings in which all food and drinking water are supplied and ambient temperature, humidity, air movement and light provision are controlled.
controlled experiment
one in which the experimental group which is to be subjected to a treatment or change in management is matched with a group which is very similar in every way except with respect to the variable that is to be manipulated.
controlled release glass bolus
see soluble glass.
controlled vocabulary
a database in which the names of diagnoses or medicines, etc. are limited to avoid a continual expansion of the titles, making comparisons between groups difficult.

Patient discussion about controlled

Q. Does it exist a Birth Control Shot for men?

A. No. Currently there are no available medications for birth control for men. However, there are several other methods, including barrier methods (condom) and more irreversible ones (e.g. vasectomy) which may require a treatment by a surgeon.

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Q. how control premature ejuculation

A. There are medications that can help it, but they're prescription drugs so you may consult your doctor. Apart from that,, since in most cases there's no underlying medical problem that cause the premature ejaculation, you may consider consulting a sex therapist or mental health professional.

Q. BIRTH CONTROL how many types are there?

A. HI doctor-you forgot one--THE CELL PHONE RADIATION,next time you go out on a date dont forget your cell phone and a piece of string.HA HA ---mrfoot56

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In my opinion, we got here because of a large-scale controlled experiment -- among the best ever conducted on an educational intervention -- plus years of hard work to examine the STAR results in every way imaginable and to see if the results could be confirmed in other settings.
and Stanford's Shanto Iyengar) and appearing in the July 2000 American Journal of Political Science, "Prime Suspects: The Influence of Local Television News on the Viewing Public" uses three different methods -- content analysis, controlled experiments and field surveys.
The chapter reports the results of a controlled experiment which suggest that foreign-language grammar instruction that forges explicit connections with the grammar of the students' mother tongue aids learning, at least as far as students' application of discrete-point grammar rules is concerned.
There is no way of running a controlled experiment.
The radio-wave procedure has been used in the past, but the new study was an unusually rigorously controlled experiment.
It was a carefully controlled experiment designed to examine the costs and benefits of switching to Dvorak.
The study by the University of Haifa and soon to be published in Anxiety, Stress and Coping, has examined the differences between men and women in a controlled experiment environment.
But Coun Claire Vasey, of Children's and Young People's Services, said: "The trial provided an opportunity for young people to choose to try the supplement at no cost to themselves or this authority in a controlled experiment.
This observation prompted Hunt and colleagues to replicate the finding in a controlled experiment.
You would have to satisfy a potential licensee with the results of a proper, controlled experiment, conducted over a long period on a lot of volunteers.
The controlled experiment demonstrated that the formcoke performance was on par with slot oven coke.
Eighty-two percent of cardiologists in a controlled experiment indicated it was easier to detect an aortic regurgitation (Grade 1 or 2) with the Littmann Model 3000 than with an acoustic cardiology-type stethoscope of traditional design(1).

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