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application program,

n a standard and frequently used computer program tailored to medical and dental needs. It may be supplied to the user by the manufacturer, purchased from a software house, or written by the user.
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Percentage of Ministry of Health and Population facilities applying selected infection control process indicators before and after implementation of an infection control program (ICP), by indicator--Egypt, 2003 and 2011 Before After implementation implementation of ICP (2003) of ICP (2011) (N = 48 (N = 436 Indicator facilities) facilities) Hand hygiene 13.
A major component that was missing from the CSO Control Program (and many underground construction programs across the nation) was a solid, creative campaign to make businesses and the public care about the issues that the CSO program is working to correct.
Several explanations have been put forth to account for the resurgence of dengue in Singapore despite the vector control program (Figure 1).
An effective ESD control program is only as strong as its weakest link.
Zia Siddiqi, PhD, a board-certified entomologist with nearly 30 years of international experience, has designed innovative urban, industrial and agricultural pest control programs.
Her main objective seems to be to ridicule the efforts undertaken" by the Drug Control Program.
In the process of formulating programs over the years, however, certain recurrent loss control program weaknesses have appeared.
Unfortunately, according to the interpretation of Section 8000(b) of the Asbestos Control Program Rules and Regulations by the Environmental Control Board, the answer is yes.
Webroot Child Safe includes a number of features consumers are looking for in a parental control program including customizable profiles, safety measures, scheduling and time limits as well as monitoring and reporting.
KARACHI -- The employees of Prevention and Control Program for Dengue (PCPD) Sindh have not been salaries for last three months, causing grave inconvenience for them and their families.
Giving a briefing to the committee meeting, officials from TB Control Program informed that Pakistan stands at fifth among 30 high risk TB countries.