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MC: Contrast hydrotherapy, massages, cupping, stretching, getting enough sleep, NormaTec pants.
KG: While we're on the subject of ice-cold water--earlier you mentioned rehabbing with "contrast hydrotherapy," can you briefly elaborate on that?
MC: I do recommend contrast hydrotherapy. Alternating between ice-cold and hot water.
Table 1: The effects of different types of hydrotherapy application (adapted from Blake 2008) Circulation Metabolism Short hot application [up arrow] [up arrow] Long hot application [down arrow] [up arrow] Short cold application [up arrow] [up arrow] Long cold application [down arrow] [down arrow] Table 2: Principle types of effects in hydrotherapy (adapted from Blake 2008) Effect type Description Best use Revulsive Increases blood flow to Contrast hydrotherapy organ or area.