Contrast agent

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con·trast me·di·um

any internally administered substance that has a different opacity from soft tissue on radiography or computed tomography; includes barium, used to opacify parts of the gastrointestinal tract; water-soluble iodinated compounds, used to opacify blood vessels or the genitourinary tract; may refer to air occurring naturally or introduced into the body; also, paramagnetic substances used in magnetic resonance imaging.

contrast agent

Contrast agent

Also called a contrast medium, this is usually a barium or iodine dye that is injected into the area under investigation. The dye makes the interior body parts more visible on an x-ray film.

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Q. Has anyone had an allergic reaction to gadolinium dye, MRI contrast agents, I have had a severe reaction. I would like to know the long term effects of this dye. And if anyone else has had or heard of problems and reactions to it. Please answer me. Thank you

A. In 1969 I almost died from the IVP dye. I had no idea I was allergic and when I awoke I was in a "recovery room." The doctor told me to always tell any physicians/paramedics etc of my allergy status regarding the dye. I now have chronic back pain, have a history of cancer in the family and the doctor wants to do a scan (including dye) but when I emphasized that I was allergic he backed off. Now I am wondering if there is anything else that can be done to test the bone (scan) without the dye. Any answers? Thanks

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Further, since this new MRI contrast agent will substantially improve disease detection by increasing sensitivity and diagnostic confidence, it will enable earlier treatment for many diseases, which is less expensive, and of course more effective for diseases such as cancer," he added.
Current MRI contrast agents "have no affinity for the cholesterol plaque," notes medicinal chemist David Cormode of the Mt.
Another advantage is that using milk as a contrast agent may skirt the "almost overwhelming" regulatory compliance issues associated with the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization's decision that oral CT contrast agents be considered drugs, said Dr.
New reports suggest a link between gadolinium-containing magnetic resonance contrast agents and a potentially deadly skin condition.
Buckyballs may be especially useful for shuttling metal contrast agents through the body for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, Bolskar says.
CMC-001 will then become available to patients in need of a liver MRI procedure for whom gadolinium based contrast agents are contraindicated or cannot be administered.
The problem with most of the contrast agents currently available, including those being used by the German researchers, is that they quickly diffuse out of the bloodstream, blurring the image, says Francis Blankenberg, a radiologist at Stanford University.
9 macrocyclic non-ionic paramagnetic contrast agent Gadoteridolum,
List of EMA Approved Gd Chelated Contrast Agents II-21
Clearer and faster imaging stemming from improved technology will result in a reduction in the volume of contrast required for many imaging procedures; however, the need for higher volumes of contrast agent for obese patients will help counteract this trend to some extent.
The technology transforms contrast agents made of nano-sized droplets into micron-sized bubbles that emanate reflected signals required to obtain tumor tissue images.
Accordingly, new guidelines were adopted for the use of low-osmolar contrast agents at the hospital: