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tr.v. contraindi·cated, contraindi·cating, contraindi·cates
To indicate the inadvisability of (a medical treatment, for example).

con′tra·in·dic′a·tive (-ĭn-dĭk′ə-tĭv) adj.
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To avoid a protocol or treatment based on specific prevailing circumstances.
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Persons with moderate or severe acute illness should be vaccinated when the condition improves, after screening for contraindications.
In light of negative media coverage, downward trends in the annual number of deaths from traumatic brain injuries and increasing numbers of potential donors being ruled out due to medical contraindications, the transplant community may want to analyze the 17% increase in the number of donors over the last seven years with a revised set of expectations.
This Physician's Desk Reference lists hundreds of common herbs and botanicals with name and description, pharmacology, and clinical effects, indications contraindications, dosages, precautions, and side effects.
All the women had one prior C-section and no contraindications to a trial of labor.
Today, it is highly important for rehabilitation counselors to know something about clinical pharmacology, concepts associated with over-medication, influence of polypharmacy on treatment, drug contraindications, the influence of pharmacological management or changes on biological system behavior.
At this time, the general recommendation by the FDA is that women less than 60 who have no contraindications [warnings] to taking estrogen replacement therapy should probably receive estrogens to prevent osteoporosis.
Further, there is not a black box warning or contraindications in the Xpovio label, adds the analyst.
For women under 60 years of age or fewer than 10 years past menopause who have bothersome vasomotor symptoms (VMS) and are without contraindications, the guideline suggests initiating estrogen therapy supplemented by a progestogen for those women who have a uterus (J Clin Endocrinol Metab.
Patients with the following relative contraindications may not be suitable for treatment, but can still attend for the initial consultation.
Routine annual influenza vaccination is recommended for all persons aged [greater than or equal to]6 months who do not have contraindications. Vaccination optimally should occur before onset of influenza activity in the community.
To me, I'm a great advocate of HRT and I think women have to have a good quality of life and that you can give it if there are no absolute contraindications like if she didn't have breast cancer or family member that has breast cancer, or endometrial cancer, or there is no history of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)," Dr Kauser Perveen Mansour, Senior Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist and Head of Department, Al Qassimi Hospital, told Gulf News.