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Morsy stressed that the government fulfils its contractual agreements with any party.
The health system discontinued the hospitalist program as an integral part of the health care network and began contractual agreements with a privately run hospitalist program.
Clarify the responsibilities and obligations of HMOs/MCOs as they relate to contractual agreements.
The subject matter of the auditor's report or the presentation being reported on is based either on measurement or disclosure criteria contained in contractual agreements or on regulatory provisions that do not conform with GAAP or another comprehensive basis of accounting.
The subject matter of the report, or the presentation being reported on, is based on measurement or disclosure criteria contained in contractual agreements or regulatory provisions that are not in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles or an other comprehensive basis of accounting.
This may revive the controversy regarding whether the term "franchise" includes governmental as well as commercial contractual agreements.
SkyWest Airlines operates as United Express (NYSE: UAL), Delta Connection (NYSE: DAL), American Eagle (OTC: AAMRQ) and US Airways Express (NYSE: LCC) carriers under contractual agreements with these brands.
Although the constitutionality of Proposition A with respect to future sports facility transactions was not addressed directly in this ruling, Fitch believes that the court decisions validate the existing financing agreements of the bonds and the county's legal ability to appropriate necessary payments under the contractual agreements.
This article defines the practice continuation agreement, a vehicle that helps ensure the orderly transfer of a practice, and reviews the types of contractual agreements available.
Unasat's disregard for contractual agreements and commitments is shocking but their refusal to respond to our emails and phone calls made it clear these actions are intentional.