Contraceptive Vaccine

A still-hypothetical vaccine which would stimulate production of antibodies that would bind to and interrupt proteins involved in reproduction
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This has been achieved through a combination of relocating groups of animals (to conservation organisations/sites in the UK) and through birth control; initially by implanting nanny goats with progesterone and, more recently, through the use of the contraceptive vaccine Gonacon."
This contraceptive vaccine specifically targets gonadotropin-releasing hormones, which are important for reproduction.
The CDC traces the rumor to the 1994 publication of a report on a small clinical trial in India of a contraceptive vaccine made of HCG and TT.
Rutberg, director of Tufts University's Center for Animals and Public Policy, is leading a team that will inject a contraceptive vaccine into female deer with the goal of reducing the population in the village of Hudson.
Animal trials on a male contraceptive vaccine conducted at Universite Laval showed success, but the project failed to get funding for human studies.
IVT's first product was SpayVac, a contraceptive vaccine effective in many animals.
O'Rand notes that investigators will need to answer several questions before testing the contraceptive vaccine in people, such as why some of the animals develop high antibodies to Eppin and others failed to regain fertility after the shots.
The trials, in which bait was laced with contraceptive vaccine, began two years ago.
(40.) Talwar GP et al., The HSD-hCG vaccine prevents pregnancy in women: feasibility study of a reversible safe contraceptive vaccine, American Journal of Reproductive Immunology, 1997, 37(2):153-160.
Recently, in Australia, medical researchers looking for an effective contraceptive vaccine accidentally modified a mild "mouse smallpox" virus into an organism that killed their test animals.