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A steel or reinforced concrete structure enclosing a nuclear reactor which is designed to, in any emergency, contain the escape of radiation to a maximum pressure in the range of 60 to 200 psi (410 to 1400 kPa), and which is the final barrier to radioactive release: the 1st being the fuel ceramic itself, the 2nd, the metal fuel cladding tubes, the 3rd, the reactor vessel and coolant system
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The barrel that ruptured had been moved to the containment structure in preparation for shipment to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad, New Mexico.
Besides, the reactor and containment structures of in-service plants are difficult to rebuild, so inevitable contradictions regarding the behaviors of the core and containment will also exist when applying IVR-ERVC to the second-generation PWRs.
Figure 6 shows the numerical model for the containment structure, constructed within a MIDAS GEN framework.
The aisle containment structure is a prefabricated system that incorporates all of the components of aisle containment design into a freestanding unit.
To reduce pressure and protect the integrity of the inner containment structure, workers vented this highly combustible gas, which reacted with outside air, causing explosions that damaged the outer buildings.
(#) not conducting tests to authenticate the reliability of critical reactor control data transmitted through signal cables which were incorporated as an after-thought (obviously due to technical and managerial incompetence) by breaking the concrete containment structure.
"The liner plate plays a fundamental role in ensuring the safety of the containment structure, which is where the nuclear reactor is housed.
Tetra Tech will manage the construction of access roadways, build a thermal desorption pile containment structure, excavate and dewater dioxin-contaminated soils and sediments, place the soils and sediments into the pile containment structure for treatment by others, and restore the site.
The company has taken this step to investigate the source of a minor water leak inside the containment structure that surrounds the reactor.
The building in question is suspected of being a containment structure, a structure in which an explosion can be set off and contained within the walls.
Firstly, the reactor design and containment structure of Soviet nuclear power stations such as Chernobyl were regarded as inherently risky and inadequate in the West even before the catastrophe and no such unstable design or flimsy structure would be countenanced at Wylfa B, whoever built it.
He said a containment structure will be erected around the tank to prevent paint and metal debris generated during the blast cleaning from escaping into the environment.
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