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the keeping of something within limits.
cost containment in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as management and facilitation of efficient and effective use of resources.
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The concept of regional or global eradication of communicable disease, proposed by Fred Lowe Soper (1893-1977) in 1949 for the eradication of smallpox.
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A tactic used by police or armed forces for crowd control, in which a broad swath of officers push the crowd in a desired direction or prevent its egress, as occurs when the “kettle” completely surrounds the group. Kettling has been criticised as the crowd may be deprived of food, water or the access to toilet facilities.
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Public health The confining or prevention of further dissemination of a potentially hazardous–eg biologic, radioactive or toxic–agent. See Biological containment, Biosafety levels, Regulated waste.
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measures and protocols that are applied to limit contact of organisms, particularly PATHOGENS and GMOs, with the external environment:
  1. physical containment, achieved by regulating access, restricting air circulation and providing other physical barriers;

Different levels of containment apply depending on the perceived risk of a particular experiment.

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Patient discussion about containment

Q. Which foods contain folic acid? I was told by my Doctor to take folic acid. Which foods are rich with folic acid so I can add them to my diet?

A. Folic acid is a B vitamin found in many vegetables, beans, fruits, whole grains, and in fortified breakfast cereals.

Q. Does anybody have good recipes for meals which don't contain gluten?? My 8 year old son has celiac disease. He is really suffering from not being able to eat so many things his brother and his friends can like pizza, pasta, birthday cakes, etc. I'd love him to have his own very tasty meals but I'm havin a hard time finding any recipes. If anyone knows some..

A. I have found some here- for chicken, pizza and brownies..
and also- I am sure you can buy a cookbook that has gluten-free recipes.

Q. Hello my dear friends, I want to know which foods contain Tran’s fats.

A. Welcome to this community Kennedy, Trans fats are present in variable amounts in a wide range of foods, including most foods made with partially hydrogenated oils, such as baked goods and fried foods, and some margarine products. Tran’s fats also occur naturally in low amounts in certain meats and dairy products.

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Yet the book makes one wonder whether adopting a rimland containment strategy would likely turn those fears into a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Some Chinese analysts are wary about a containment strategy while others describe the moves as engagement and hedging.
It will also finance development of a containment strategy and an information system to monitor and prevent new illegal land occupations and control the expansion of existing squatter settlements.
Gulf deployments built on a containment strategy inaugurated in mid-2006 by the State Department, primarily the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs ("Pol-Mil").
Every time Cal ag sneezes, government reacts with a full-fledged Ebola virus containment strategy. Get a grip.
They particularly focus on the role of the military-industrial complex identified by President Eisenhower in his final address, as well as its congressional backers (Eisenhower in fact originally dubbed it the military-industrial-congressional complex in an earlier draft of the speech), in expanding the Cold War beyond what they see as the fairly limited containment strategy articulated by George Kennan in 1946-1947, in promoting an addiction to military spending, and in narrowing the range of acceptable political debate.
They said a containment strategy could spell out to Iran that it could not start a conventional war, use or transfer atomic know-how, materials or weapons to others, or boost support for militant attacks abroad without triggering US retaliation by any means, including nuclear weapons.
With a stockpile of 30 million doses of antiviral medication, the United Kingdom continued its containment strategy until July 2, 3 weeks after the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic.
They suggest that the Government's containment strategy was not anything like as effective as it should have been."
Scottish health secretary Nicola Sturgeon said a Cobra meeting to discuss possible "refinement" of the Government's containment strategy. She said: "I would expect over the course of the next couple of days, perhaps the next couple of weeks, the number of cases to increase significantly." The time taken to con- firm test results is also being speeded up.
Ms Sturgeon said a containment strategy has been successful in preventing "large-scale" spread.
Once the value proposition of the program has been determined, to keep the program competitive HR should then establish a 24- to 36-month plan that outlines the program's goals (for example, become a pioneer in innovative cost containment strategy), the execution of which requires constantly monitoring industry trends, evaluating program performance, and surveying employee sentiment.