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A receptacle in which anything is confined.
[L. contineo, to hold together]
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A receptacle for storing a medical specimen or supplies. Use of sterile disposable containers for collecting specimens is recommended, since contamination of the container may alter the results of the specimen analysis and therefore interfere with the diagnosis.
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Last March, SBITC added four reach stackersan equipment which can lift, shift and stack empty containersto ensure efficient port operations and optimize container yard space of the Subic port terminal.
Bayocot added that through CTAP's own initiative, a lot in Cavite was rented out for one year to accommodate empty containers from truckers, which will now be able to accommodate the empties starting March 15.
"In its current state, the CMO contains provisions that will discourage the storage of empty containers at the container yards.
The ACG warned that in the face of deliberate diversion of containers on transfer, the service would have no other option than to introduce a system whereby the bond paid on containers on transfer by the consignee would be the exact value of the container, as some corrupt people are taking the magnanimity of the service for granted.
The MD said empty nominated containers on export which are brought to the port by trucks will be zero-rated in the first four days to vessel berthing.
Because of these, container vans have become a favorite choice for low-cost commercial structures that aim to provide a unique experience to patrons.
has launched Red Hat Container-Native Storage 3.6, with support for containerized applications and infrastructure in Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform clusters.
In addition, many government associations are also boosting the growth of the worldwide shipping containers market through offering specific guidelines to shipping firms.
Remove the lids and record the temperature in each container. Use the tongs to remove one of the creamers from each of the containers and open it.
A way to avoid detention costs in future operations would be to mark rented containers so they do not enter the country.
The bespoke approach has also capitalised on a growing trend for shipping containers to be used in more creative ways, such as in architecture and building design.
1) In groups of three, fill each of the three plastic containers halfway with ice.

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