contact point

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con·tact ar·e·a

that part of the proximal surface of a tooth that touches the adjacent tooth mesially or distally.
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contact point

The point on a tooth that touches an opposed tooth.
See also: point
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con·tact point

(kontakt poynt)
Area of union or junction of surfaces that are not completely contiguous.
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My advice to Ms Jones and parents throughout the land, is to research ContactPoint and come to your own conclusions; my conclusion is that this database does not hold the personal respect of educational and social work practitioners, who I have trusted my children's well-being with, and in time this will be used to replace yet more frontline educationalists.
"We estimate that ContactPoint, when fully operational, can save at least five million hours of professionals' time, freeing them up from trying to track down other practitioners and enabling them to spend more time on the child."
ContactPoint 2.3 includes updated versions of three core product modules: ContactPoint Recruiter, ContactPoint Trainer and ContactPoint Forecaster.
Donna Darbyshire, from the South Birmingham Primary Care Trust, said: "I hope that once ContactPoint becomes fully operational, health practitioners will be able to identify information regarding other practitioners involved in a child's care and likewise will be able to register their details.
Developed in response to a key recommendation of the Laming Enquiry into the tragic death of Victoria Climbi, ContactPoint will support better communication among professionals.
A government list, called ContactPoint, with details about all the country's children is being created.
ContactPoint's LogMyCalls lets companies close that hole.
For those members who work in England, we also asked a supplementary set of questions related to ContactPoint. There were 448 of these respondents--59% (266) of them knew about ContactPoint and 34 had access to it in early implementer sites.
Leah's social worker checks ContactPoint and sees contact details for a learning mentor at her school and a speech therapist.
I AMutterly furious at War ren Bradley''s Lib-Dems for opposing the ContactPoint system.
Kelly's learning mentor checks on ContactPoint and sees that a social worker and youth worker have also been working with Kelly.
ContactPoint, a pounds 224m directory, will contain the name, address, date of birth, GP and school of all under-18s - as well as the name and contact details of any professional working with that child.