contact point

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con·tact ar·e·a

that part of the proximal surface of a tooth that touches the adjacent tooth mesially or distally.

contact point

The point on a tooth that touches an opposed tooth.
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con·tact point

(kontakt poynt)
Area of union or junction of surfaces that are not completely contiguous.
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8220;ContactPoint's new membership in ARA is a huge deal for us,” ContactPoint CEO Jason Wells says.
My advice to Ms Jones and parents throughout the land, is to research ContactPoint and come to your own conclusions; my conclusion is that this database does not hold the personal respect of educational and social work practitioners, who I have trusted my children's well-being with, and in time this will be used to replace yet more frontline educationalists.
We estimate that ContactPoint, when fully operational, can save at least five million hours of professionals' time, freeing them up from trying to track down other practitioners and enabling them to spend more time on the child.
ContactPoint has also been abolished, and Dave stated: 'It was recommended by Lord Laming that a national system be developed to support the work of professionals to ensure efficient recordkeeping that reduces duplication and keeps children safe.
According to the Conservatives, the documents included a 90-page "simplification plan", an update of the ContactPoint database and guidance on the duty to identify children missing education, as well as information on collection of school lunch take-up data and what to look for when buying a musical instrument.
To make this quicker and easier, local authorities across England are this year introducing a new online directory - ContactPoint - for people who work with children and young people.
He added he believed the true scale of ContactPoint had not been always been clear and that the public had not been properly informed about the scheme.
To make this quicker and easier, councils across England are introducing a new computer-based contacts list, called ContactPoint, for people who work with children and young people.
A government list, called ContactPoint, with details about all the country's children is being created.
There are also worries that the new pounds 224million ContactPoint database - a list containing details and addresses of every child in England - could fall into the hands of paedophiles.
The market values what LogMyCalls delivers--cloud-based analytics of phone conversations so businesses can optimize their marketing, automate marketing, and make more money from phone calls," said Jason Wells, CEO of ContactPoint, maker of LogMyCalls.
There were 448 of these respondents--59% (266) of them knew about ContactPoint and 34 had access to it in early implementer sites.