contact force

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contact force

the force due to contact between two objects or bodies.


a force (e.g. due to gravity or muscle action) that exerts pressure on and increases tissue density, causing it to become thicker and shorter along the line of force; compression occurs at the articular surfaces of the hip/knee/ankle joints during upright stance

attraction forces

forces tending to move objects towards one another (positive attraction) or away from one another (negative attraction)
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Note that there is a Newton's Third Law reaction contact force [F.
The contact force is evaluated using the penetration between all mating teeth and the known contact stiffness.
However, due to the large computational effort, finite element methods cannot replace simpler contact methods for the evaluation of the contact forces in a vehicle dynamics simulation.
Given the optimized accelerations and contact forces, the corresponding joint torque setpoints are computed from the rigid body equations of motion given by Eq.
The purpose of this article is to put forward an effective inversion mathematical model which can be used to inverse the wheel-rail contact force and the vibration response of high-speed passenger vehicle.
Using the PLB model as described above, a comparison of the simulated contact force is made to typical source functions as reported in literature.
Figures (3,4,5) illustrate the variation related to time of the projectile's displacement, contact force and the energy transferred to the plate.
Newton-Raphson iterative method (Bathe [19]) is used to solve the resulting equations to find the current displacement and contact force.
Linear compliance, often called axial compliance, in the Versafinish allows the spindle to deflect along one axis of compliance with a constant contact force through the entire stroke of the pneumatic device controlling it.
Shape is perceived by means of the normal contact force computed using the constrained Lagrangian method.
An adjusted setting of the contact force of the dust stops is a significant factor concerning the wear sealing rings, in phases of strong dust stop loads, it is very important to keep the sealing closed.