Contact Ring

A funnel-shaped skin depression surrounded by marginal abrasion and bruising of the epidermis, which is seen in a zero range or ‘execution’ type gunshot wound and leaves a ‘fingerprint’ of the firearm’s muzzle
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In "Counterspy Express', the dying words of Jim Cabot's European contact ring in his ears as finds himself being trailed by one woman and tempted by another.
The support air of the cooling mandrel was used to adjust the contact between the contact ring and the sheet bubble.
Once again those beautiful, negatively-charged electrons were able to leave their host atom for the next, and migrate from the contact ring to the front spinner and back ensuring the de-ice system was functional.
41 Percent believed the sectional matrix system to be a better option for composites while 24 Percent preferred the sectional matrix system with contact ring. About 13.2 Percent of the dentists had no specific preference for the selec- tion of matrix system for composite restorations.
contact ring on the inner surface of the sprue bushing to see if this improves the seal without hobbing or compressing either the tip or sprue bushing.
Taylors drivers would like to make contact ring Ronnie on 07899 970972 or Billy on 07826 585613.
Anyone with information is asked to contact ring Sunderland CID on 08456 043 043 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.
We investigated how effectiveness of ring vaccination depends on the time until diagnosis of a symptomatic case, the time to identify and vaccinate contacts in the close contact and casual contact ring, and the vaccination coverage required to contain an epidemic.
However, players are not permitted to turn up on the day, so anyone interested should contact ring 02476 385738 as soon as possible.
For more information, including bus times, contact ring 01352 703263.
Contact ring 01732-873402;
The 90-ft diameter secondary clarifiers were originally constructed with a chlorination contact ring. The inner wall of the contact ring was demolished.