Contact Investigation

The interviewing of a person known to have a particular disease to detect exposure to others and to determine the need for subsequent screening for the disease of interest—e.g., tuberculosis
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Given the uncertainty around how MERS-CoV is transmitted, we conducted a comprehensive contact investigation of this case to characterize exposures in household, community, and hospital settings and to quantify the risk of transmission.
The court remarked he should contact investigation officer in this regard and provide him evidence and he would do his job independently.
Contact investigation was limited to chest x-ray (CXR), sputum for acid-fast bacilli (AFB) analysis and symptom inquiry.
The agency conducted a contact investigation and said all "persons at risk" have been treated accordingly.
Limited cooperation from many adult film industry companies restricted this contact investigation.
This article looks at the 'what, who and why' of TB contact investigation and TB chemoprophylaxis, including some special cases.
A description of contact investigation procedures and results of tuberculin skin test screening for these contac ts has already been described.
In our world, this is a routine case of tuberculosis that needs contact investigation, and we do this for every case.
Maryland describes the procedure for diseases like gonorrhea and syphilis in its health codes under the heading "Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Control and Contacts": "(i) Interviewing the patient in order to ascertain the names, descriptions, addresses, and telephone numbers of all persons with whom the patient has had potentially infectious contact, or (ii) Requesting the health officer to conduct a contact investigation of any case of sexually transmitted disease; and (b) Report immediately to the health officer any person identified as having had potentially infectious contact with a person having a sexually transmitted disease.
The treatment plan and the public health contact investigation associated with TB disease may differ depending on which species has been identified," explains Nancy Wengenack, Ph.
However, current TB contact investigation guidelines do not include risk factors forM.
A contact investigation and active case finding were initiated at site A, and 3 additional MDR TB cases with matching genotype were identified.