Contact Investigation

The interviewing of a person known to have a particular disease to detect exposure to others and to determine the need for subsequent screening for the disease of interest—e.g., tuberculosis
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Without effective contact investigation, TB, especially DR TB, in children is rarely diagnosed and treated, which may worsen the situation.
A contact investigation was initiated by the hospital's public health department to identify health care worker contacts as well as clinic waiting room patient contacts who might have been exposed to the patient during the outpatient clinic visit.
16-19 Contact investigation in this region therefore deserves a priority plan for early case detection and decrease disease transmission in high incidence countries.
The CDC recommends sputum sampling for all patients with extrapulmonary TB, even in the absence of pulmonary symptoms or radiographic findings, to determine the level of infectivity and potential need for a contact investigation.
25 The Stop TB Strategy and recent guidelines stress the enhanced risk of TB in close contact and advise routine contact investigation.
4) Contact investigation is considered a high-priority screening activity for TB programs in high-income countries.
To break the chain of transmission, every person with infectious TB has a contact investigation completed to determine if transmission has occurred to friends and/or family members.
Increased action to implement contact investigation to detect and manage TB in children; advocacy for research on new diagnostics, drugs and vaccines for childhood TB; improved recording and reporting of data on childhood TB; scaling up of capacity building of health workers to detect and manage children with TB antenatal screening for TB - detect, treat or prevent TB in mothers, are some of the urgent steps we must take, said Dr Surya Kant who is also the Professor and Head of Pulmonary Medicine Department, King George's Medical University (KGMU).
The court remarked he should contact investigation officer in this regard and provide him evidence and he would do his job independently.
The agency conducted a contact investigation and said all "persons at risk" have been treated accordingly.
Limited cooperation from many adult film industry companies restricted this contact investigation.
6) A Center for Disease Control study of Botswanian prisons led to important recommendations, including active screening, contact investigation, reduction of transmission, and isoniazid preventative therapy for HIV-positive prison inmates and guards.