Theory of Constraints

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A management philosophy intended to help organisations achieve their goals on an on-going basis. According to the theory, achieving goals is limited by one or a small handful of constraints which, if identified, can be addressed by restructuring the organisation around the constraints using so-called focusing steps
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Inozu is a consultant in Lean, Six Sigma, and Constraints Management.
As explained in an earlier issue of Supply, Chain Management Review (see "How Constraints Management Enhances Lean and Six Sigma," January/February 2006), many implementers of lean and/or Six Sigma programs find themselves faced with too many projects that take too much time with too little benefit.
Constraints management looks at the business as chains of dependent events and focuses improvement efforts on the weak links in the chains.
Contract Awarded for strategic advice on constraints management strategy
Constraints Management Group (CMG), Knight Industries/emcocables, Ismeca Semiconductor, Owens-Illinois, koda Power, Spirit AeroSystems and TATA Steel explain how Realization helped them accelerate engineering or engineer-to-order projects, reduce cycle-time and increase on-time performance.
announced today that Tensilica has joined Atrenta's SpyLinks[TM] partner program and has deployed Atrenta's SpyGlass([R]) suite to optimize synthesizability, power management, constraints management, design for test, and timing for new processor cores.
com to learn about our solutions for RTL analysis, RTL debug, RTL synthesis, lint checker, low power, power estimation, power management, Design for Test (DFT), constraints management, Timing Exception Verification (TXV), Clock Domain Crossings (CDC), formal verification, RTL Prototyping, design closure, Platform based Design (PBD), IP reuse, system level design, synthesis, simulation etc.
aviation and business innovation consultants is pleased to announce that Mike McBride has joined the firm to lead and reinforce the firm's use of LEAN tools and Constraints Management concepts in its Operational and Financial Improvement services practice.
This leads to improved predictability and efficiency in SoC design phases that span RTL design, IP reuse, Verification, Constraints Management, Testability, Timing improvement, and Power reduction leading to logical and physical closure at RTL.
Innovative products on display at Atrenta's stand #A14 range from predictive analysis tools to automatic constraints management and formal verification to the hardware/software analysis for electronic system-level design.
Orlin, are the company's service, cost efficiencies, scheduling, turnaround times, seamless prepress facility network (SiteSync), Theory of Constraints management systems, ISO-9000 certification and continuous process-improvement procedures.
Goldratt Institute (AGI) and Constraints Management Group (CMG) to offer training and consulting services in all aspects of TOC, particularly in Drum-Buffer-Rope techniques.
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