structural isomerism

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struc·tur·al i·som·er·ism

isomerism involving the same atoms in different arrangements, for example, the butyric acids, leucine and isoleucine, glucose and fructose.
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struc·tur·al i·som·er·ism

(strŭk'shŭr-ăl ī-som'ĕr-izm)
Compound involving the same atoms in different arrangements.
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It also resolves a 'constitutional isomer issue' that arose following the publication in Angewandte Chemie International Edition entitled 'Pharmacophore Reassignment for Induction of the Immunosurveillance Cytokine TRAIL' in May 2014.
of Karlsruhe, Germany) present 58 essays describing applications and methods in asymmetric synthesis, the intentional construction of enantiomers of a given constitutional isomer by means of chemical reaction.

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