forking larkspur

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forking larkspur,

n Latin name:
Delphinium consolida; part used: plant, flower, leaves; uses: destroy and remove intestinal worms; induce urination; induce sleep; lower blood pressure; promote bowel evacuation, relax and dilate blood vessels, remove skin parasites, spasmodic asthma, dropsy, hemorrhoids, relieve violent purging, colic; precautions: can cause toxicity in large doses. Also called
doubtful knight's spur, field larkspur, forked larkspur, hezaren, larkspur, royal knight's spur, and
wilde ridder-spoor.
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and Consolida regalis Gray were studied palynologically by Oberschneider (1998).
Oberschneider, (1998) investigated palynological properties of Consolida orientalis and Consolida regalis and determined the pollen grains of two studied species were spheroidal, tricolpate; exine sculpturing was microechinate-perforate; size medium and isopolar.